by Uncertainties

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After nearly 3 years in the making; Our first EP is finally finished.


released February 20, 2015

Instruments recorded at: Bb Studio
Vocals recorded at: Studio M (Champaign IL)

Mixed and Mastered by: Christian Arnold

Special Thanks: Michael Hicks, Tyler Tarquini, Joe Grosso at Owl Arise in Fisher IL, Andrea Price, and 6 lb 8 oz baby Jesus

Extra Special thanks to Christian Arnold. For without you, the feels would not be possible. Thanks, man.



all rights reserved


Uncertainties Champaign, Illinois

Uncertainties is: Justin Bares
Blake Ingram
Jared Jesse
Dustin Murphy
John Pierce
Jacob Welch

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Track Name: Breathless
Run inside
Don't lose your mind
Hide your face
Decide what's right
Meant to void
What was done
Live while you can

And turning
And yearning
Forget it all
Move along
You're worth more
Than this

Dying dreams

Weights lifting
Clearing eyes

Now I know
What I'm up against
Don't try and stop us now

Failing thoughts
That We comprehend
Will make us all fall down

Breathing backward
Moving forward

We all will die
No mistake

I'll make this mine
I won't wait

We all will die
No mistake
(We all will die trying)

I'll make this mine
I won't wait
(I'll make this mine)
Track Name: Wayward
I found my calling
This is not
What I had in mind
What is asked of me is too vague

I need
Something to fight for
We need
something to fight for
The answer you seek
Isn't universal

The path I follow
Wasn't made for me
I must pave my own way

Under thousands of years
Dictating my existence
The answers I've found

Can you shed
Some light on this

Can you help me
I've found my way
Shed some light on
This for me now

I was lost
But now
We're wayward
Track Name: Remnants
Break me down
To my most simple forms
I was always down
But no longer am I born

I would always seek
Will you walk with me
Will you walk with me

I'm a product of mortality
Haven't accepted my reality

Traces left behind
Make me rewind
Never forgotten

Break me down

I was always down

Give me rest 'cause I know it falls on deaf ears
Track Name: Bearing: Straight
They say they will
But it never turns out
Like we hoped
We're tired of your promises
We're wary of being led about

We had a deal and you reneged
I hope you know this changes things
Look at who
you've lied to
You've crushed these people's dreams
Yours and mine they will cease.

The best is yet to come
The truth will come out
Pushing forward is the trend
We see the fate we've sealed
And I will save you

We can't rely on these people
We need to just say "fuck it"
How can you climb the ladder of success
With your hands in your pockets
You're set in your ways
You wouldn't change a thing
If it doesn't concern you
You don't even lift a finger

Together we are anchors
We will cast them to the deep
The sea goes on for miles
The shore was never clear
I'd rather drown out past
The breaker than be consumed by fear

Don't you talk back
Or I will not want to
Break this bind
That will consume you
From my grasp

Don't you talk back
Or I will not want to
Break this bind
That will consume you

This is not okay
I am not okay
Track Name: Carry On
Weakness seems to be
My best trait
Carry on with broken knees
Lift me up to see

I have come to realize
That I rely on others
More than myself

Missing out on the things
I'll never care for
But want to experience

Over thinking my goals
Will make me weak
This will never matter

We're all stuck
In the ruts we make
Listen to no one
And fucking live

Living and breathing
Means nothing to me
Why do we want to keep on moving

Weakness seems to be
My best trait
Carry on with broken knees
Lift me up to see

Don't worry about me
I think I can handle
My own life

When we spoke last
I was so lost
Now I'm sailing fine

I won't mind
If we sit back watching the clock again
No I won't mind
If we step back and make it stop again
I'm just fine
We'll fucking stop this time
Yeah, I'm just fine
Will you come with me?

Lift me up
(I'll bring it back to you)